Stylish Interiors on a Budget

Looking to redecorate your home but don’t want to leave yourself out of pocket in the process? There has never been a better time to do this as more and more home furnishing stores are now providing their customers with designer quality products at high street prices. It’s never been easier to make your home look better. But of course, you need to know where to look. Here are some of my top tips for redecorating your home on a budget.

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It’s All in the Details

When it comes to creating your dream interior on a budget, small details can make all the difference and cost very little to implement. Create your own, personal style to your living room by adding a set of distinctive pillows to your sofa. Save yourself even more money by making the pillows yourself from recycled curtains or fabric.

The Danish are renowned for their cosy interiors channelling their concept of ‘hygge’ which loosely translates as cosy. If you fancy adding a touch of hygge to your living space to create a cosy ambiance, try placing fairy lights into unwanted jars and place them around your home or simply buy a few candles and dot them about the room.

Adding a fresh lick of paint can make all the difference to a room and is a cheaper option to wallpapering. Keep ceilings and areas around windows painted in a light colour to enhance the light, making the room appear more expansive. Keeping your colour scheme light creates a fresh, bright look. Add bright furniture to create a striking look.

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Striking Furniture

Furniture is always the most expensive aspect of interior design with appliances not far behind. Even the cheapest suite will set you back hundreds of pounds. It is unfortunate for the frugal decorator that furniture is one of or perhaps the most important aspect in creating a stylish interior. Nevertheless, there are ways around this.

Keep your eye out for second hand furniture in your local paper and on the internet and don’t be afraid to barter on the price. It is quite trendy at the moment to mix and match furniture to create a rustic, “shabby chic” look, ideal for the bargain hunter as single pieces of furniture are easy to come by.

Also, don’t forget the radiators when you are creating a stylish interior. An accessory and appliance in one, an attractive radiator can enhance a room or be used as a striking accessory. Trade Radiators has a stylish range of designer radiators at very reasonable prices. Check out their flat panel radiators range for particularly good prices.

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Whether you are looking to completely refurbish your home or just add a touch of your own personal style, with these handy tips you can enhance your interior without spending vast amounts of money.


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