Have Fun With Serving

We love nothing more than a good re purpose. One the best things you can do with a ornament or any item in the home that is confusing you is to let it sit and than give it a purpose.

It’s almost an exercise in thinking like a engineer. If you have an oddly shape item put it right in the middle of your living room or kitchen table and just look at it. Try to imagine what you can do with the shape, form and size of the item. Is it deep? Then hello new bowl.

Is it a vase that you’re not keeping flowers every day? Why not make it your new water jug or scent holder? And don’t forget, if it’s something that is tall and can fit a candle inside, then you have to put a candle in there.

Just take a look at some of these ‘designer’ serving items and you’ll quickly realise it can be done with just about any item you have lying about.

chips and dip

Get your chips and your dip in one go.



At least you know what to do with the shells.


We were surprised this let you pour wine from either end


That little plate you had pot-pourri on? Say hello to a new dip tray.



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