Everyone Loves a Freebie

Recycling and Upcyling are great ways for people on a budget to improve their home and they have been joined by another fantastic idea, Freecycling. Freecycling allows people to give away items that may not be past their best yet but the current owner has no use for.

Every day you could go to tips up and down the country and see people dumping perfectly usable items because they are no longer needed and don’t carry enough value to try and sell.

Freecycling allows people to post the items they have and people can contact them and then pick it up, saving the original poster the time and hassle of having to transport the item to the tip.

While some items might not be seen as worthwhile to some, certain eagle eyed freecyclers can turn pretty much useless and unwanted items into desirable features in their own home.

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