Dramatic Themes For Redecorating

You mightn’t have the budget to implement any big design changes in the home. That doesn’t mean you can’t draw on themes and redecorate on a budget.

Here are four ways you can update your living space on a budget.

paint1.Decal for detail
In the same way you would’ve had posters n your bedroom wall as a kid, you can dramatically change how a wall or door looks with a simple decal or specific paint job. Choose something that won’t seem out of place or dramatic (don’t go painting animals or portraits) and you should be able to define the room much better.

skate hook

2.Really re-purpose
Take influence from this skateboard now used as a hook and think about objects that currently serve no purpose. Have you got something just sitting in the corner or stored away that can be turned in to everything from a paperweight to a chair. Always reconsider objects you’ve fallen out of touch with.


shelves lku

3. Shelve It
Shelves will always be the best way of de-cluttering any room and adding vital floor space. Don’t just settle for a simple plank nailed in to the wall. Think of ways to change the shape and create a unique storage space.

LED strip

4.Light It Up
Adding a lamp here of there always help brings some atmosphere to a room, but here is a really handy tip for your drawers. If you’re in a couple where someone always has to get up before the other for work, knocking the light on to get your clothes can be the biggest nuisance. Simply install some led strips in the drawers that open by motion activity and you have yourself a mini lamp to rummage around for. It also comes in handy when a fuse blows in the middle of the night and you’re rummaging around that one drawer looking for a torch and fuse.



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