Rugging It Up: How to brighten a room from the floor up.

Rugs; they’re  constantly overlooked when decorating the home and are always thrown down as something that tries to tie in to the theme of a room. But what about thinking outside the box next time you’re looking to have a room appear much more decorated than it can be on a budget by assessing your rug situation. It might sound a little bit silly, but you’d be surprised at just what a difference it can make. Here are some reasons why buying anew rug is a good idea.

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1.Either have them blend in or stand out
They really do tie the room together, so make sure the rug you put down matches key items like the sofa and curtains, or completely stands out from them. The worst thing to do is have the rug match close items i.e. you don’t want a rug what is the same colour as a table that will sitting on it.

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2.Make sure its noticeable
For people living in small spaces, you will be prone to thinking a small rug is your best option. Don’t do that. Always try and get the biggest rug that will fit in to the space and make sure that when it is in place , the distances left on either side are somewhat equal from the walls.

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3. Be prepared for stains
If you’ve gone through life without ever getting a stain on a rug, you must have some magical skills. A stain on a rug is inevitable in any home, and having a spray or cleaner should be on your mind the exact instant you’re buying one, especially if it is made from a unique material.

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4.Look at other shapes
Are there round chairs in your room? Is everything angular? Go for a rug that ties in with these ideas too. A good indicator of what shape to go for is to simply look at the bottom trim of your chairs. You either want your rug to match that shape, or compliment it.

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