Energy Saving at Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourist spots in Edinburgh, and gives fantastic views over Edinburgh Old Town and the greater city. Find out how this historical place cut costs right here.

There has been a Royal castle on Castle Rock since at least the 12th Century, and the current edition certainly predates central heating and double glazing since it dates from the 12th-18th Century thanks to subsequent additions. Visiting Edinburgh Castle is a must when you are in the city!

Despite this, the energy bills in Scotland’s most popular attraction have been slashed by an impressive 30% in the last few years thanks to energy saving measures. It hasn’t even been anything too drastic either; it is more down to common sense than anything else really.

The first measure was to replace all the traditional bulbs with energy-efficient ones. Not only do they last significantly longer than normal bulbs, they obviously use less energy too. With hundreds of rooms spread across 27 buildings, this can obviously make a significant difference!

Next new boilers were installed throughout the castle, all of which were also energy efficient. These were then well-insulated using natural sheep wool. This wool was also used as insulation in the attics as well as in other areas to help minimize the heat lost. With some walls over 1.5m thick, some areas required less insulation than others though! Find out more about the Castle’s fascinating history here.

These simple measures have made an amazing difference to the energy output of this iconic castle, and are easy to emulate in your own home too.

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