Getting Around Geneva On A Budget

A lot of us are thinking about jetting off for Christmas and New Year, either to a warmer climate or to a destination in mainland Europe where snow is plentiful and where the beer flows. A city that is sometimes overlooked is Geneva. At Lukespoor we’re going to explain ways of getting the most out of visiting a destination like this on a modest budget.

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Festive Warmth in Frankfurt

So Germany may not be known for its warm winter weather, but why not get into the festive spirit with a trip to the beautiful city of Frankfurt. Read more…


Save Sensible in London

Have time off from work or university and not sure what to do? Not wanting to go too far it but wanting to get away from the norm.  London could be a shout – and it can be done a budget too.

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Europe Is Easy On A Budget

Are you thinking of travelling to Europe this summer but thinking the cost might be too much?  It never has to be expensive. It’s actually quite easy.

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Energy Saving at Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourist spots in Edinburgh, and gives fantastic views over Edinburgh Old Town and the greater city. Find out how this historical place cut costs right here. Read more…


Great Value Holidays

Most of us try and get away once or twice a year if we are lucky. It’s nice to get a break, a change of scenery and to give you something to work towards. Read more…