London Living At Christmas

It can be difficult to get by in the city especially at this time of year when it’s Christmas with lots of nights out on the cards. Here at Lukes Poor, we’ve decided to give out a few tips on the do’s and don’t for budgeting during the Christmas season.

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Getting Around Geneva On A Budget

A lot of us are thinking about jetting off for Christmas and New Year, either to a warmer climate or to a¬†destination in mainland Europe where snow is plentiful and where the beer flows. A city that is sometimes overlooked is Geneva. At Lukespoor we’re going to explain¬†ways of getting the most out of visiting a destination like this on a modest budget.

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Shoe String Budgeting In London

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Can you live in the city on a modest budget? Let’s check out the mighty Harley Street and see if the simple man can eventually earn enough to live in place like this.

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