London Living At Christmas

It can be difficult to get by in the city especially at this time of year when it’s Christmas with lots of nights out on the cards. Here at Lukes Poor, we’ve decided to give out a few tips on the do’s and don’t for budgeting during the Christmas season.

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So you’ve got a lot to think about. Christmas presents for the family, Christmas presents for friends and so on. Then their’s the nights out. And it can get a bit much, you may feel a bit under pressure and it could ruin your Christmas period, it can happen.

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They’res a few things you can do to make budgeting easy and hassle free this year. One of the first things you can do is keeping to a certain amount of budget when buying presents. It can be easy to go off plan and buy more but if you stick to this, you can get what you need and everyone is happy. Another one, is picking and choosing your nights out. Your friends and family will wanting to be meeting up at all points over the Christmas and this can be exciting but if you stick to certain nights out you can not only enjoy these evenings but not spend over the top. If you’re in town for an event. Say you’re staying at hotels near Hyde Park and you’re visiting in early December for the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. If you buy tickets early, you get a better deal. It’s fairly obvious but sometimes people don’ think that far ahead.

Anyway, we hope this helps. Have a great festive period from Lukes Poor.



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