Shoe String Budgeting In London

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Can you live in the city on a modest budget? Let’s check out the mighty Harley Street and see if the simple man can eventually earn enough to live in place like this.

Harley Street is one of the most famous streets in the world. This is down to a number of reasons such as the value of the buildings on the street,  the amount of health clinics on the stretch of road that includes the LUA where they the likes of Prostatitis Treatment. Find more information on their website on this procedure here:

What else that’s most striking is the building interiors. Due to legislation, a lot are kept similar to their original setting. This creates a lovely place for patients who arrive at these health clinics for surgery or a consultation.

The problem is, a lot of these properties can be hard to come by. This is down to a lot being taken by businesses and such but there’s a few around that are for residential purposes so if you have a few million pounds in the bank then it could be yours.

My question is, can the likes of me and you live there? Well with the way things are going it’s a 50/50 proposition. With wage increases not increasing as fast as we want it could be a timely process. But with the right attitude, staying at home for as long as you can and lowering the bills that go out each month so you can save for that dream move to the likes of Harley Street, it can happen.

I would still say, by working hard, being driven and aiming high, you can live and achieve anything with hard work and dedication.

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