When Your Veg Looks Bad But Tastes Great

Have you been in Asda recently? Chances are if you do your weekly shop there you will have come across a rather weird looking box in the vegetable isle. These special boxes are being used to get punters to buy vegetables that they usually wouldn’t pick up. Today on the blog we’re taking a luke at some vegetables and what the average shopper is doing with carrots and peppers that would usually be thrown in the bin or left as the lonely veg on the supermarket shelf. Read more…


Building Your Interior But Not Breaking Your Budget

When you look to add value to the inside of your home it can be a stressful experience. There’s so much to think about. How long will it take? Will I cope with all the changes? Will it increase the price of my home? The biggest stress we usually have though is around the cost of it all. Budgeting is important but sometimes it’s out of our control and the cost can spiral. We’re going to talk you through changes you can make to add value to your home that don’t cost heaven and earth.

Read more…