Building Your Interior But Not Breaking Your Budget

When you look to add value to the inside of your home it can be a stressful experience. There’s so much to think about. How long will it take? Will I cope with all the changes? Will it increase the price of my home? The biggest stress we usually have though is around the cost of it all. Budgeting is important but sometimes it’s out of our control and the cost can spiral. We’re going to talk you through changes you can make to add value to your home that don’t cost heaven and earth.

Invite an interior designer into your home. Sometimes you need someone with a different perspective to come in and check out what needs improved. A standard fee usually costs around £50 per hour and in that time they can give you a bundle of ideas for home improvements. Even small ideas such as changing the couch or the wall colour can make the difference.

Are you thinking to yourself, which room will give me the biggest return on my investment? Well that’s probably going to be your bathroom. Are you then thinking, what if I can’t afford a full remodel? That doesn’t matter. Small changes can make big changes on the price of your home. Designer radiators by Trade Radiators are a great example of a company who improved the value of this home with their designer radiators at trade prices. Shopping around might me time consuming but its worthwhile in the long run.


Are you a bit lazy towards the up keep of your garden? Keeping your garden in good condition can make your home stand out to potential buyers and adds a different dimension to your home. Spending a small outlay on gardeners to turn your back yard into pristine grounds can be the difference in getting the price you want for your home.

Carpets are often forgotten about. They become worn and unsightly. Buyers might walk into your property, look at the rug and carpets and realise they need to replace all the flooring. Updating your carpet doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. Change the carpet that shows the most wear and tear and replace others when your finances grow.

Other experts give their advice on home improvements that will add value to your home at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen you can simply replace the counter work tops or repaint them and this can be achieved at a relatively low cost.  Other changes such as adding light to your home and an outdoor decking will modernise and increase the space of your abode.

What about office space? Second hand furniture is the route to go down. Buying second hand is a much more affordable way to get your office adaptable for all of the activities and jobs it’ll be being used for. This means that you can spend your budjet more on things which will help the business more e.g. employees, services. For more information of this type of furniture, go to:

All these improvements will add value and modernising your home at a price that suits you.

Our last tip that we’ll give is to manage the money invested in other elements of your home move or interior makeover. What sort of things would that be? No matter how big or small the purchases are that you are about to make, a little bit of time and research will allow you to save £1 to £300. Every little helps. E.g. don’t buy boxes yourself, go into supermarkets and ask for used boxes before they are recycled. Research is key, when looking into a company to help you move destinations put the time in and weigh up prices for what you are getting – after looking for the cheapest, I found Ablemove Wottons who helped me move from Bristol to Liverpool. Not only did they provide me with the price, they also gave me all information on their website on the time it would take for the removal service and more, have a look at it here ablemove removals bristol to liverpool to find out more.

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