4 Shop-Fitting Tips For Modern Businesses

Shop-fitting can be an expensive and time-consuming project, that’s why we have constructed four pieces of advice you should take into account before starting your restaurant fit out, or retail fit out.

Don’t overpass the option of used equipment

In most cases than none, just before you get to work upon your new shop-fitting project, you’ll go out and buy all of your equipment from a high street or brand name chain such as B&Q or Wickes, although, you’ll often spend far too much of your budget in stores such as these buying brand new equipment that you are only going to use once.

Although this is pretty straightforward advice, you’ll save a lot of money buying second hand equipment. With eBay, Gumtree and more there is much more options to buy from trusted retailers than ever before. So before you buy anything on the high street or from a brand name, have a quick little 5-minute google search, as it’ll probably save anything from £5 to £30 a tool.

Design for everyone in mind

In 2017, you would be silly to limit yourself by building something that not everyone can use. Not only will you lose customers if you don’t make your business accessible for disabled people, you’ll gain a bad reputation for not making your business available to anyone.

This is easily avoidable- before you start to fork out way over your budget on an elevator or electronic transportation devise, consider cheap and easy ramp, if you have got enough room to implement it, this will save you valuable money and also make your shop or restaurant easy for wheelchair access.

Construct a performance area

If you are fitting out a shop or a restaurant, it might be worth your while to consider building a stage for any future explorations of including some arts into your business. Especially in restaurants, where having a musician playing late night music can add a particular aura to the atmosphere.

If you consider the possibility of this now, you can save a lot of money by using the same wood that you’ll be designing the rest of the restaurant with. It’ll also mean that you’ll avoid having to balance opening hours with the possible construction of the stage later.

Go as much as possible yourself

Sometimes when working on a project you’ll hire a company in to come in straight away and start the job. The more days which the workers are in completing your shop-fit, the more it’ll cost you as their customer.  So try and get all the little things out the way before you hire professional help. This will save you money to spend on useful items such as furniture and technology.

Once you’ve done all you can, we recommend contacting industry professionals to complete your shop-fitting jobs. Always check up on the reliability of the companies doing so to make sure that you are going to get everything that you pay for. Companies such as Allstar Joinery who are a Glasgow shopfitting firm tend to upload their work via a portfolio onto their website. So you can get a an idea of what you are going to be paying for beforehand.

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