Re-Use and Recycle

If you have moved into a new home that requires some sort of renovation or updating think twice about what you are throwing away.

You can find some real gems in what might be described by some as rubbish and a little bit of time, creativity and inspiration could help you save some more money in the long run.

Ideas like the ones below that use old window frames as unique coffee tables and unwanted door handles and locks as stylish and fun coat racks and key holders are just some of the ways you can upcycle.

Not only will it save you from having to spend more money on furniture but it is also a greener way to style your home.

These are only a few but some of the best examples I’ve seen can be found on Pinterest and YouTube. These sites are a treasure trove for DIY ideas the likes you’ll never seen on TV. There are also some great channels on YouTube like Millennial Moms which has daily tips and advice for any parent trying to make things at home look great on a budget.

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*Update: March 2016*


I’ve come across a company in Scotland that takes the recycling and re-using ethos to a whole new level. Their name is Allstar Joinery and they’re based in Glasgow. At their production facility they make everything from staircases to doors to guitars! I read about them in a paper when in Scotland on holiday and even though I didn’t have the chance to visit the place, the short video I found online is like a woodworker’s dream. A lot of the screen they make are actually manufactured from old leftover materials that would usually go to waste in any other place, but are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

I’ve yet to see anything like this locally. If anyone knows of a local company providing this type of woodwork using “leftovers” and traditional waste materials, please email the site and let me know.

Maybe it isn’t classed as recycling, although heres another tip which has a positive reaction to the earth which we live in. Outdated electronics can often use a lot more electricity than which is required, which is bad for the environment and also your bank balance. If you have the money spare, consider it an investment, not only for future savings but the world we live in. For example, old industrial chillers were known for their ability to eat away at an electricity bill, by replacing on for a modern energy efficient model, you’ll eventually make your money back in energy savings. For more check out:

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