Stay Warm and Stay Loaded

As we move closer to the end of January it seems that the worst of the winter is yet to come; with the East Coast of America having been battered from storm Jonas unfortunately for us in the UK it is only a matter of time before it crosses the Atlantic and gives us some of the same good news. Read more…


Finding the Value

When people talk about buying a home they often say “Location, Location, Location” and this is true, especially when you are buying on a budget. Read more…


Living Rooms on a Budget

Decorating your living room on a budget can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing but with a few small tips you can start to learn the tips and secrets of making a great home on a small budget. Read more…


Creative Thinking

Decorating a new home can be expensive and if you have just moved house money can be a bit tight. One way to get around this is by being creative. Read more…


Shoe String Budgeting In London

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Can you live in the city on a modest budget? Let’s check out the mighty Harley Street and see if the simple man can eventually earn enough to live in place like this.

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Live Well In Glasgow

Around this time of year, it can be difficult to save with the likes of the holidays, parties and everything else in between.  But there’s certain hotspots in the UK where you can save and still enjoy good times. Think about Glasgow

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Festive Warmth in Frankfurt

So Germany may not be known for its warm winter weather, but why not get into the festive spirit with a trip to the beautiful city of Frankfurt. Read more…


Events On A Budget

You want to go to the big concert that’s coming by in a couple of months.  At the same time you’re dreading when tickets are going to be released due to the price.

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Save Sensible in London

Have time off from work or university and not sure what to do? Not wanting to go too far it but wanting to get away from the norm.  London could be a shout – and it can be done a budget too.

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Europe Is Easy On A Budget

Are you thinking of travelling to Europe this summer but thinking the cost might be too much?  It never has to be expensive. It’s actually quite easy.

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Energy Saving at Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourist spots in Edinburgh, and gives fantastic views over Edinburgh Old Town and the greater city. Find out how this historical place cut costs right here. Read more…


When Your Veg Looks Bad But Tastes Great

Have you been in Asda recently? Chances are if you do your weekly shop there you will have come across a rather weird looking box in the vegetable isle. These special boxes are being used to get punters to buy vegetables that they usually wouldn’t pick up. Today on the blog we’re taking a luke at some vegetables and what the average shopper is doing with carrots and peppers that would usually be thrown in the bin or left as the lonely veg on the supermarket shelf. Read more…


Building Your Interior But Not Breaking Your Budget

When you look to add value to the inside of your home it can be a stressful experience. There’s so much to think about. How long will it take? Will I cope with all the changes? Will it increase the price of my home? The biggest stress we usually have though is around the cost of it all. Budgeting is important but sometimes it’s out of our control and the cost can spiral. We’re going to talk you through changes you can make to add value to your home that don’t cost heaven and earth.

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